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We are expert in Vintage Cruiser Appraisals. We have transacted over 2,700 sales, over 20 years of: FJ25, FJ40, FJ41, FJ43, FJ45, FJ55, FJ60... gas 40 series BJ40, BJ42, BJ44, HJ45, HJ47, HJ60, Troppy... diesel 40, 60 & 70 series. Need to explain the true market value of your vintage 4x4? Want to insure your truck for it's true value? Trouble convincing your bank that that you truck is worth that much?

The process is simple. Our fee is $250 dollars. For this you will get a 4 page appraisal with a detailed description of your truck's overall condition. You'll a market evaluation of your Land Cruiser and referencing several mainstream resouces to confirm value. We may include similar vehicles that have recently sold or are currently for-sale in the market place. The fees need to be paid in advance via check, wire or www.PayPal.com. Email me directly for address and or PayPal ID to credit. Below is an email link to start the appraisal process. Be sure to include your full name, address, contact phone numbers, year, type of car, and condition.

To arrange an appraisal, START BY CLICKING HERE. Don't forget: Your name, Contact phone numbers, Description of 4x4 to appraise.